Most productive dye sublimation textile printer in its class


FT-1608 / FT-1908

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  • SpeedMax 105㎡/h

  • ResolutionMax 720 X 1,440 DPI

  • Print Width1.6m

  • Print Head4color / 8head

Most productive in its class Prints 100m in 2.5hrs (40m in 1 hr)

Options for large volume print jobs Heavy load take-up system: up to 400m media (50gsm) loadable,
6 liter bulk ink system

PC oriented printer operation system (User Interface) Specialized printer operation software to maintain and manage print jobs


Print head Piezo type print heads
Ink DGI Original Dye Sublimation Ink
Drop Size 3~21 Pico liter Variable dots
Media Transfer Paper
Max Print Width FT-1608 1,630mm
FT-1908 1,880mm
Max Media Width FT-1608 1,650mm
FT-1908 1,900mm
Print Mode Bi/Uni-Direction, Normal / Interleave DBF(DGI Band Free) I, II, III
Interface TCP / IP, USB 3.0
Resolution(DPI) Max 720 x 1,440 DPI
Rip Software Wasatch TX, Ergosoft(driver available), Caldera(driver available)
Color 4 Colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black)
Operating environment Temperature : 20~28℃      Humidity : 40~70%
Electricity Single Phase : 220V (50/60Hz, AC)      Printer : 5A, 6.6Kw      Dryer : 10A
Dimension FT-1608 Uncrated : 3,180mm(L) x 1,020mm(W) x 1,320mm(H)
Crated : 3,500mm(L) x 1,150mm(W) x 1,700mm(H)
FT-1908 Uncrated : 3,420mm(L) x 1,020mm(W) x 1,320mm(H)
Crated : 3,800mm(L) x 1,150mm(W) x 1,710mm(H)
Weight FT-1608 Uncrated : 300Kg      Crated : 520Kg
FT-1908 Uncrated : 320Kg      Crated : 570Kg
Options Heavy load take-up system – up to 400m (50g) media loadable, 6 liter bulk ink tank system
Print Speed
Main Scan (DPI) Sub Scan (DPI) Mode Pass Pass Speed (m²/h)
FT-1608 FT-1908
360 1080 Normal 3 71 77
540 720 2 75 80
720 360 Interleave 2 102 111
720 4 55 60


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