Corporate Identification

Corporate Identity

The corporate logo is the symbol of DGI (Digital Graphics Incorporation) and is the core element of our CIS (Corporate Identification System).
The English initials 'DGI' represent the company's modern and progressive commitment to pursuing leadership in the global digital graphics market.
The three squares express the image of the digital, symbolizing DGI's intricate and unique cutting-edge technology.
Gray, the main color in the logo, stands for DGI's commitment to embracing the 21st century, maintaining a close relationship with its customers around the world, and its commitment to customer satisfaction.
Orange, the supporting color, evokes not only innovation and accessibility, but also brings to the forefront DGI's aspiration toward achieving blue chip status.
Therefore, the logo must not be altered in either form or color.

Logo Type


Logo Type(Korean)

Logo Type(English)



  • DGI GRAY : Pantone 416

  • DGI GRAY : Pantone 804 2x