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  • The First FOOD Printer in Korea Development with 100% DGI's own technology

  • FOOD ART made in 1 minute just 1 minute for printing Macaron 49pcs

  • SAFE Color Water US FDA & Halal & Gluten Free Approved

  • Make Easy & Fun Easy operation and Fun printing

Able to print variety of size Small Marshmallow (2cm) or Big Cake (40cm)
Thin Cracker (1mm) or Thick Bread (10cm)
Printing area : 40 x 40cm , Height : 12cm

Capable of processing various colors & images Edible Color Water 4 color (C, M, Y, K)
Provide latest RIP Software (ONYX19)
Able to print for Lettering, Image and Photo

Easy operation and Fun printing Easy to operate with exclusive User Interface
Provide customized Plate and Platform


Print head Piezo type print heads
Color resolution(DPI) Standard 600 x 600 DPI / High Quality 600 x 1,200 DPI
Edible Color DGI Original Edible Color - Color Water CW134
Color 4 Color (K, C, M, Y)
Maximum Printing Size 400mm x 400mm
Maximum Printing Heights 120mm
Print Mode Bi / Uni Direction, Normal/ Interleave/
Print Speed
Main Scan (DPI) Sub Scan (DPI) Pass Mode Speed (sec/400×400)
600 600 2 Bi-Direction 60
Uni-Direction 80
120 4 Bi-Direction 120
Uni-Direction 160
Interface TCP / IP
Color Water Supply Bottle
RIP Software ONIX19
Electricity 1Φ 200~240V, 50/60Hz, Rated current(MAX: 1A)
Dimension 720mm(L) x 1,000mm(W) x 600mm(H)
Weight(NET) 85kg


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