Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy

DGI was founded in 1985.

DGI’s philosophy is to foster a good work environment and develop new talent and technology in order to grow into a socially responsible company.

We at DGI have outlined four main principles in order to realize our management policy in the fiercely competitive global market.

  • Pursuing the development and security of both executives and staff.
    • We endeavor to provide a harmonious and stable work environment that encourages growth in a way that allows staff and executives to mutually supplement one another and drives them to give their best.
  • Striving for the very best in the development of personnel.
    • We understand that the best response to the uncertain future is the presence of talented personnel, and will support both executives and staff in the pursuit of effective, satisfying, and productive personal development.
  • Taking up financial and social responsibilities.
    • We prioritize the profits of customers and shareholders above all, while lending a hand in the development of the country by assisting local neighborhoods and giving back to society.
  • Pursuing global expansion.

    • We expand to every corner of the world amidst the intensifying competition of the global market, obtaining the capacity to achieve a competitive global standard.

Business Motto

  • Unity 人 和
  • Sincerity 誠 實
  • Creativity 創 意